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Gas Appliance Service | Gas Fireplace & Stove Maintenance

Gas Stove Service near Kincardine ON - Port Albert ON

Many homeowners think that because a gas fireplace is a clean burning appliance, it won’t need service or maintenance. While it’s true that wood burning fireplaces, stoves, and inserts require annual maintenance due to creosote & soot buildup, it is also imperative to service your gas fireplace, log set, or attached venting system annually as well.

Gas fireplaces, gas log sets, gas fireplaces, and gas stoves are extremely popular due to their convenience and low maintenance factor, but there are still several potential problems that may occur with a gas appliance and the venting used with that type of heating system. To avoid danger and to ensure that your fireplace, stove, or insert is functioning as it should, here are a few services that we offer:

Buildup Removal / Cleaning

Gas appliances are still susceptible to debris built up, even if they are considered clean-burning. Ceramic logs can deteriorate and clog vents or damaged mortar & broken flue tiles can fall off into the hearth area. Before you light up your gas fireplace or stove this winter, make sure to have the entire appliance cleaned, including the glass doors.

Part Replacement

As with any home appliance, years of usage can wear down the functionality of parts & components. Don’t take for granted that the equipment in your gas fireplace is operating as it should year after year. A thorough inspection by a trained technician can ensure that all of the parts are intact and functioning appropriately. Over time, valves or connections may develop leaks. The thermocouple & thermopile may need to be cleaned or replaced, and ceramic logs may stop working.

Because any gas appliance, including gas fireplaces, fireplace inserts & stoves, are susceptible to sudden fires or explosions, any leak or malfunction can turn into a major disaster.

Gas Venting

Even though gas fireplaces & stoves are not affected by creosote buildup, gas vent pipes should still be inspected annually. Moisture damage presents a serious problem for homeowners, including chimney masonry deterioration, chimney liner corrosion, and more. If your gas venting pipe contain cracks or breaks, deadly carbon monoxide could enter your home’s living space, endangering your family & guests. Nests from animals and debris blockages can also affect the proper operation of your venting system. It is essential that the chimney work properly, in order to prevent dangerous fumes from entering your home.

A Note on Gas Appliance Safety

As with any type of open combustion system, gas fireplaces, stoves & inserts all have the potential to cause a house fire if not cared for properly. Gas appliances should be treated with the same level of respect & awareness as their wood burning counterparts. This is why we always recommend an annual inspection and cleaning. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so call us today to schedule your gas appliance service today.

Our fireplace & chimney experts offer service for gas fireplaces, gas fireplace inserts, and gas heating stove in the Greater Kincardine ON & Goderich ON area, including Lucknow, Wingham, Ripley, Point Clark , Port Albert, Benmiller ON, Bayfield, Saltford, Dungannon, Teeswater, and more in the Huron-Bruce Lakeshore area.

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