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gas burning fireplace insert near kincardine 0NFireplace inserts allow you to give your fireplace area a whole new look & feel while slashing your heating costs in the process. If you are tired of your inefficient, worn out wood burning fireplace, a fireplace insert is a great option for a fresh new look & increased energy efficiency. Fireplace inserts, whether you choose a wood burning insert, gas insert, or pellet insert, offer a range of remarkable benefits. With all of the beauty of a traditional fireplace, a fireplace insert offers a safer, more effective way to heat your home, making them a popular choice for any homeowner looking to upgrade their inefficient, open burning fireplace.

These specifically designed heating appliances are installed directly inside of a stone masonry or factory-built fireplace opening. Constructed with cast iron or heavy steel, fireplace inserts feature glass doors & a closed combustion system that keeps the fire contained and creates steady heat with less fuel. Fireplace inserts are available in different sizes, styles, colors & finishes so we invite you to come on down to our renowned showroom to view some of the best fireplace inserts on the market. Whether you are looking for a top rated wood fireplace insert, a convenient & clean-burning gas fireplace insert, or a pellet fireplace insert heating powerhouse, our friendly & experienced personnel can help you find the perfect unit for your heating requirements.

Wood Fireplace Inserts

Best Wood Fireplace Inserts - Kincardine ONWood fires are a favorite among homeowners thanks to their soothing aroma, crackling logs, and beautiful dancing flames. A wood insert allows you to enjoy the smell, sight & sound of a real fire without the inefficiency associated with an open burning fireplace. In fact, a wood fireplace insert can increase heating efficiency by more than 80% which means homeowners can enjoy the warmth & ambiance of a fire with the added benefit of lower heating costs. This style of insert is designed with a re-burn system that increases the effectiveness of combustion & generates more heat while lowering harmful gas output. Some of our EPA approved wood inserts can continuously burn up to 12 hours for a lasting, steady heat. Convert your traditional fireplace into an effective heat source – install a wood fireplace insert today!


Gas Fireplace Inserts

Gast Fireplace Insert Showroom - Amberley ON Huron CountyAlthough traditional wood fires are admired by many homeowners, nothing beats the convenience & available features of a gas burning fireplace insert. Fully customizable with a range of features including faux logs or fireglass, accent lighting, adjustable flames & heat output, and remote or thermostat control make gas inserts a wonderful focal point of any room. Whether you are looking to add a little ambiance or add the cozy warmth of a fire to your favorite space, we can help you find a gas fireplace insert to fit your requirements. When properly installed & maintained by experienced gas service technicians, homeowners can enjoy energy efficiencies of 82% or more. Stop by our showroom and speak with our knowledgeable sales crew who can answer any questions you might have about installing a new gas insert in your existing fireplace or in new construction.

Trust in us to provide the best selection of wood fireplace inserts, gas fireplace inserts, or pellet inserts. Serving Huron County & Bruce County ON, including Kincardine ON, Goderich ON, Southampton, Benmiller, Bayfield, Saugeen Shores, and more in the Huron-Bruce Lakeshore area.

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