Six Months of This White Stuff…

quiltWe’ve had quite an adventure this past winter with breathtakingly beautiful ice storms, the mountains of snow, and temperatures cold enough to make us snuggle beneath our warm quilts.

Our fireplaces have been working overtime as well, and now that Spring IS here, (yes!) the time to spring clean your house as well as do the annual maintenance check on your gas / wood burning appliances has arrived.  Call now to book your annual appointment, and we will be glad to set up a time.

The complete cleaning of gas / propane fireplaces cover 10 necessary steps:

1/  Vent check

2/  Thermostat check

3/  Valve control check

4/  Internal sensors check

5/  Millivolt connections check

6/  Glowing embers check

7/  Lubrication where necessary

8/  Fan system

9/  Log setting check

10/  Glass for easy viewing

Give us a call, or shoot us an email, and we’d be happy to service your units.

And let’s hope this is THE END for that snow!  🙂