I was cold and getting wetter, as my umbrella performed the usual tricks that happen on a windy November  day.  We were standing at attention for over half an hour, rain pouring down in sheets, as the Veterans laid their wreaths and poppies at the Wingham Cenotaph.

I wobbled through “O Canada” and reminded myself in the two minutes of silence that not only were we remembering the fallen heroes who fought for freedom, but we were also to be thankful for their sacrifices, and thankful to God for keeping our country safe.

Because I come from an immigrant family, my thoughts also cast themselves towards the Dutch soil where the majority of my extended family live – and how grateful the land of the Netherlands is on this day, for the soldiers who came and liberated them so long ago.

The eerie strains of the bagpipe broke the silence.  Regardless of the cold seeping into my coat and the umbrella that would soon be discarded,  there were men and women who gave much more of themselves in order that I may stand today, on free Canadian soil, and live a relatively safe and orderly life.

We have much for which to be grateful towards our veterans of yesterday and today!