Overcoming November

November with its many shades of grey is NOT my favourite of months.  In fact, I’m always the last one in the family to discard my summer flip flops……I still like to think the garden gate is hanging with my summer blooms….


As summer melted into fall, I was filled with such a sense of awe at the beauty of the pastures and gentle hills in this beautiful Huron County in which we live.  My soul was still alive with music….


But, when the day empties its watery skies for a full 8 hour shift at the shop, my resolve to be positive and cheerful soon flows away with the rivulets outside.  Even the morning dose of DayLight from our therapy lamp does little to relieve the impending doom within my soul.

Yay for SAD, and winter depression, and all that darkness.

But, never mind!  Thi year, there are a few things that make me smile:

First, our son-in-law has been growing an impressive beard to keep up with the growth of his sweet wife’s bump.  Yes, St & I are soon to become Opa & Oma – this month perhaps?  Our son-in-love has not shaven since he learnt of the exciting news of the upcoming baby.  However, with No Shave November on scene, he was compelled to shave off his moustache, and toss out his razor for the month in keeping with raising awarenes for the educational month of November.  And he looks like a Fancy Amish Man – his firely orange beard literally glows….


Secondly, yes, The Baby!  Such exciting news…..we’re on call 24/7.  More as life unfolds.

And thirdly, in keeping with our store’s policy of burning a new stove under the stack annually, Stu has installed a new woodstove in our shop. And, it’s just lovely.  As the wind howled and shook the windows and the sleet and hail battered the many chimney stacks on our roof, EmmyLou, the Resident Beagle and I kept warm and cozy by our new Osburn 2000 Woodstove.


Come in and pull up a chair by the hearth, and we’ll spin a yarn or two.  EmmyLou loves to have attention as well!