Christmas Came to Lucknow

We came late, with rain falling off our coats,  arriving at the United Church in Lucknow – the one that sits so proudly on the corner, all stained glass and loveliness.  Carolfest in Lucknow tonight!

We trundled up those old creaky stairs of that majestic church to the balcony where the music of carols enveloped us.  Beside me, Mr. teRaa was singing with wonderful gusto, while little red-headed Riley in the front row, sat and visited with her friends.

From our vantage point of those straight-backed wooden benches, we saw the old familiar faces that we’ve grown to associate with this magic time of year.  Group after group of choir members delivered God’s perfect message of love & hope – some shuddered through the choruses, others flowed with precision.  We felt immensely blessed to listen to St. Joseph’s Kingsbridge Catholic Church in particular – that small but mighty group who admitted to going through some rough times this past year – but oh, could they sing!  What a gift.

But to me, the best came at the end with our own church – Lucknow CRC – to see those dear faces of our friends as they sang, touched me greatly.

Love you all, and thank you to Malinda Zettler for leading our group!