Anticipating the First Snowfall of the Season….

So, this is my first blog – first time ever. Not so sure if I’m doing it right; I’m sure I will make many changes as I get more comfortable with this whole process.
It’s been a rainy fall, but inside our shop, we are warm & cozy. We have a wide selection of propane / natural gas fireplaces to beautify any home, as well as woodstoves. We have over 20 gas fireplaces that can be flicked on with the easy access of the remote. Generally we have at least one on at all times here at the Amberley intersection.
It sounds like this weekend will get cold, and perhaps some flurries. This photo was taken of our shop a couple years ago, at the very first snowfall we had. I love those first snowfalls – there is such a clean exciting smell to the air!