An Urn, a Bassinette….


Many of our customers have been enquiring as to the news of our family….and so it is with joy that we share the news:

We have been blessed a couple weeks ago with the healthy and smooth birth of our incredibly lovely little granddaughter – the first on both sides…   We stand in awe at the marvel of this new birth.  This photo of her tiny hand held in her Uncle Martin’s hand is one of my favourites:

babyhandJust a week before this lovely baby showed up in our lives, we also mourned the loss of a beloved cousin from Stu, struck down by cancer within the year.

Life & death:  sunshine & shadow:  laughter and sadness… is hard to hold the two together in your heart at the same time.

It is indeed a reminder, however, that our plans are not our own.  And that while we have life, we should have love!  There is always that bright future….