Happy New Year to one & all!

I’m sure it’s been an interesting few weeks for everyone, weather-wise:   we’ll all have a story to tell our grandchildren some day!  I don’t recall having “all roads closed” in the Bruce / Huron / Perth / Grey Counties surrounding us, ever.  Not that I really had to pay close attention to these details before, so perhaps that storm of ’77 did this same trick….correct me if I’m wrong.  All I know is that the cold coming from this Polar Vertex is indeed a KILLER.

Our thoughts go out to all our Canadian friends, customers and families who were affected by hydro outages in the most inopportune times during Christmas.  Being without hydro underlines the importance of having back-up sources of heat.  Our showroom at Amberley sells all kinds of stoves and fireplaces that do not require hydro to operate.  We have had customers thank us for installing these stellar units that keep them warm during emergencies like this.

There are long-reaching effects that these hydro outages have in regards to the thought process of consumers when making  plans to build or renovate their homes.  A fireplace / woodstove is no longer installed for mere aesthetics:  these units become the necessary work-horses that keep pipes from bursting, as well as the most obvious – heat to cook meals and keep warm by.

And so, we welcome a new year, 2014, and embrace all types of strange weather patterns that keep us thinking in terms of the basics of life!