We are excited to introduce The Solas Fireplace to our line up of gas or propane fireplaces!

This fireplace is different from all the other ones we sell and install, in that this one hangs like a TV on the wall.  No major renovation needed – it can vent straight out the wall behind it.  The unit itself is under 8″ deep.  No building cabinets or mantels around this fireplace – it floats on a wall independent of any major construction!  There is great installation flexibility, as it takes up very little space in the room.  It can be installed as low as 3″ from the floor, or positioned perfectly to “couch height”.

Solas Fireplaces also provide an amazing radiant heat using reflective glass media and porcelain enamel panels….all to provide an enhanced, soothing flame.


Fireplace #3 in Our Home


Our sunroom…..the chair where our last beagle used to spend hours.  But she’s been gone for a while, and the sunroom is cold in the winter.  (yes, a green Christmas!)

before2 Our son, Martin, was home for the week, and gladly went on the tools with his dad.  Six hours later, this is how the room appears:


In a previous blog, you have seen the new gas fireplace in our family room.  We also have a cozy woodstove in our living room.  Incidently, we also needed to replace our gas furnace a couple months ago.  We now have a Very Warm Home!  Bring on that winter……

Before & After….

It started off small, and ended up  a massive renovation in our basement.  Just love the new warm look.  Another fabulous installation by Stu, as well as the stone rox installed by Integrity Revonvations, Trev Askes.